My mom lived across from the Menil in Houston when I was around ten years old in 1988. I spent many days and many hours submerging myself alone in the art, architecture and light of the space. Artist like Warhol and Piet Mondrian and Pollock invaded my mind and soul. Art has infused my life since and I regognize the significance of my interest then.

Throughout all my schooling I was focused and invloved in art in School. Iniatially in highschool I thought I would go to Texas A&M to study to become a veterinarian. Then my junior year of highschool it became clear my main interest was art. Following highschool, I moved from Houston to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Ins., College of Art. I graduated with a BFA in photography and moved back home to Houston.

I've been painting, waiting tables, and moving a lot since college trying to get somewhere but not ever really knowing where but experiencing as much as I could along the way... good and bad. I moved to Las Vegas a few years after being in Houston, then to Nampa, Idaho, then to California where I lived in Monterey, San Jose, Red Wood City, San Francisco and San Diego. Today I am back in Houston.

My personal life has been colorful, nomadic, full of interesting people, places and experiences. It is a journey reflected in my work. Everything I create is in some way a portrait or representation of myself. That reflection encompasses my darkest pain and greatest loves or joys in life.